Does your estate plan cover your business eventualities?  Will your family be left scrambling to cover your obligations?  Will your assets be taxed unduly?  Or distributed fairly?  Would you like the peace of mind knowing your plan will function as you intend?

Our clients know us as the architects of their wealth management plans. We're the ones who pull together the various aspects of an estate—from tax, legal, business and personal—to design comprehensive plans that can perform for generations to come.   Contact us for a free consultation about your plan. We'd love to speak with you.

Estate Planning Simplified

We assist families and their advisors create successful wealth transfer plans. Our goal is to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you wish to go.  

We conduct a full review of all your options with you, your attorney, and your accountant. The end result of the process is a detailed "map" of each family member's entire financial plan. We include all wealth distribution recipients—from spouses to grandchildren to charities—and cover such topics as: 

  • Trust construction
  • Income stream from trusts and assets
  • Timing of principle distribution from trusts
  • Creditor and divorce protection for heirs
  • Division of business ownership between active and non-active family members

With all in agreement, appropriate team members execute the strategies selected to preserve and protect your family’s wealth. 

We have over 25 years experience assisting families prepare for personal and business transitions. In addition to our own capabilities, we are affiliated with two advisory groups staffed with attorneys specializing in estate, charitable giving and taxation. For complex issues we have direct access to nationally known legal experts. These affiliations support our clients and their advisory teams by keeping us current with changing laws, regulations, and new opportunities as we work through the various stages of plan design.

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